EFFECTIVE June 1st, 2023 Rule Changes & Additions

Introduction Section 1

         Previous   Rule                  Section 1.1   Approved Discs

Standard Discs

(Approved for Single Disc, Freestyle and Furthest Catch)

• Wham-O: Fastback Standard, Flex & Super Flex
• DTW: Chomper Standard, Flex & SuperFlex
• Innova Hero: 235's: AIR and Xtra
• DogStar: Standard and Crusher
• Innova Hero: 215's: Sonic, Super Sonic, Sonic Xtra
• Hyperflite: K-10 Competition Standard, Frostbite, UV & Midnight Sun


Heavy Discs

(Approved for Single Disc and Freestyle)

• Wham-O: Eurablend;
• Innova Hero: 235's: Super Hero/K9 Candy, SuperStars, SuperSwirls
• DogStar: Crusher Heavy & Crusher T-Rex
• Hyperflite: Jawz (All variants of Jawz - HyperFlex, XComp, Standard)


Mini Discs

(Approved for all Mini classes)

• Innova Hero: Pup 160's
• Hyperflite: Pup Jawz, Pup Frostbite, Pup Competition Standard

Disc Classifications

Standard Disc - 8.5 - 9.5" diameter disc with a mass of less than 115 g
Heavy Discs - 8.5 - 9.5" diameter disc with a mass 130 -145 g
Mini Disc - 6.25 - 7" diameter disc with a mass 40 - 90 g

New                     Section 1.1             Approved Discs

Any Hero, Hyperflyte or Fastback Disc that is designed to be used by canines may be use in CDDA sanctioned trials.
There can be no tampering, markings or alterations of any kind to the disc. 

Disc Classifications
Disc cannot exceed the following sizes:
Standard Disc  8.5 - 9.5" diameter 
Mini Disc  6.25 - 7" diameter

Trial Guidelines Section 5

        Previous Rule                   Section 5.1            Trial Sanctioning

 35 official score sheets (triplicate forms)
A trial application must be submitted to the CDDA no later than six (6) weeks from the proposed trial date. 

         Change                Section 5.1            Trial Sanctioning

50 official score sheets (triplicate forms) per trial
A trial application must be submitted to the CDDA no later than three (3) weeks from the proposed trial date.

Additions               Section 5.4              General Rules of Competition

  • Dogs are to enter and exit the competition field under control.
  • During competition, dogs may only wear a well-fitting leather or nylon flat collar. The only exception to this is during freestyle where the dog may wear a safe costume or parts of a costume to add to the overall appeal of the routine.

  New                        Section 5.5              Dogs in Heat

Host clubs will have the option to allow or disallow dogs in heat to compete. Host clubs must announce whether they will or will not be accepting dogs in heat on their trial premium.

If the host club opts to allow the dog in heat to compete then the following must be provided:

  • A separate designated exercise area for in heat dogs to relieve themselves.
  • A separate designated area for crating away from other dogs.

                           Dogs in heat must comply with the following conditions:

  • A dog’s handler/owner must inform the trial host that their dog is in heat immediately at registration.
  • The dog must wear pants at all times when on the trial premises unless in their crate or in the designated exercise area to relieve themselves, 
  • After the run the dog must return immediately to their crating area.

Judging Section 6

           Addition                Section 6.7              Judge’s Code of Conduct

Judges should not wear any item that shows any affiliation to a competing team, breeder, a club or sponsor while at an event that they are judging at.