CDDA Trial Application


The primary contact (trial host) agrees and acknowledges that by submitting this application, to host a Canadian Disc Dog Association Sanctioned Disc Dog Trial, that they are knowledgeable of the Rules and Policies of the CDDA. They furthermore agree to the stipulations set forth in this form, in the official rules of the CDDA and other stipulations that may be set forth by the CDDA Executive Director or Executive Council.

The trial application and fee of $30 per trial (payable to the CDDA) must be submitted a minimum of 3 weeks prior to the proposed trial date. 

The Canadian Disc Dog Association shall have the authority to grant or withhold approval of an application for a Sanctioned Trial. In the event that an approval is withheld, the host club or person shall have no claim against the Canadian Disc Dog Association.

The primary contact (aka Trial Host) agrees that in preparing for the Sanctioned Trial they will:

  • Ensure that the Sanctioned Trial applied for is run in accordance with all CDDA Rules.
  • Accept entries and registrations
  • Confirm with the contracted Judge in writing (or e-mail) the following:
    a. A list of all classes to be judged
    b. Payment of all travel, accommodation and judging fees
  • Arrange for timer, scribe and other workers as may be required for the event
  • Ensure that all equipment conforms to CDDA standards
  • Provide at the trial site a measuring wheel, stop watches, score sheets and first aid kit.
  • Provide a phone number for a veterinary clinic that is open in the area.

    The undersigned agrees to pay the judge: 
  • A fee of $1 per entry in all official classes except freestyle which will be $2 per entry or $75 which ever is greater.
  • Within 24hrs of trial.

    The primary contact /trial host agrees that their trial results submission to the CDDA will adhere to the following:
  • Trial results shall be submitted no later than two (2) weeks after the final day of the trial. Late results shall incur a $2.00 per day penalty.
  • Trial results shall be mailed to the CDDA and include:
    1.All registration/score sheets clearly marked, signed and filled out completely.
    2. All Freestyle score sheets including all additional scoring notes.
    3. E-transfer payable to CDDA for correct monies due. Fee of $1 per entry in each official division (RPT, Novice Single Disc, Advance Single Disc, all mini divisions, Freestyle, Furthest catch and all Junior handler classes)
    4. A complete exhibitor list that includes the CDDA ID number, dog’s name, handler’s name and address.
    5. All tally sheets
    6. Trial results shall be retained by the host club for a period no less than two (2) years from the trial. 
    7. If trial results are not received by the CDDA within three months of the trial, they will be considered lost and the above primary contact/host will incur a $5000 penalty.

The primary contact (trial host) has reviewed this application thoroughly, as their agreement above indicates that they have done so, and that the information is correct. 

Please send E-transfers to:

Questions can be sent to:



Revised April 2023